I'm the only girl in my gym class & all these upper mans are in there too like shoooot meeeeee & they cute & I already know they're not gonna be paying me no mind


Why u sweating them for? Do you, and get good grades in that class. Probably jerks anyway. Date people in your year. Wayyy simpler and more than likely on the same wavelength as you.

Describe your personality? Do you like sports? If so what sport and team?


I’m kind of funny I guess lol. Pretty aloof in most instances, yet I’m an open book to some. Reserved. Sarcastic. And definitely quick witted.

I like the Pacers, Tarheels, Patriots.

reblog if you want to be spammed with anonymous asks


DO IT! Like a whole bunch


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"i’m not white i’m greek"



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I hate when a boy call me cute or pretty , I never believe them I be thinking they be lying to me like today on the bus this boy told me I was cute & I could barely even fake smile & say thank you . I'm mean I'm not that ugly but im also not the prettiest & then I'm kinda chubby too


Stop comparing yourself. You better build that self esteem up hunty, and learn to take a compliment. Since when does Chubby equate to not being cute? Love what you have and work what you have.

Are you going to hang out with anyone when you go to california


I have friends out there, so yes/no. Just gonna catch up with then but I’ll mostly be doing my own thing.